Mea Parvus Mundus

"My own little world"

20 years of age
random. crazy. possibly gay
Thomasian. Claretian. Filipino.

I post literally anything
and everything, porn included,
so I guess follow me if you want
but view your dash in private.
LOL. #nsfw #multifandom

So, if you've got questions, ask Away!



have you ever tried typing on a keyboard you arent familiar with

jave yuo ever yried typong on a leyboard yuo arent familiar woth

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“Don’t marry him because you “love” him. Don’t marry him because he ignites some flame, only to blow it out later. Don’t marry him because “you’ve never felt like this before.” Or because you feel the highest form of happiness only to be followed by sinking depression. Don’t be with him because he’s a challenge and because he makes your head hurt at night. Marry him, because he’s stable. Because you’re not afraid to talk about your problems. Because he speaks the truth and doesn’t try to conjure up a happy illusion. Because you still feel happy, complete and reassured. But for pete’s sake, don’t marry him because you “love” him.”

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